In your glacial Thursday media column: ESPN plagiarism mini-scandal, proves that bloggers are not so smart about economics, Wired vs. Glenn Greenwald, and Judith Miller schadenfreude alert.

  • ESPN anchor Will Selva has been suspended for plagiarizing a sports column from the OC Register and using it for his game highlights, which he said on the teevee. Don't they just make that stuff up as they go? No? Huh.
  • has an interesting business model: publish the work of thousands of unpaid bloggers, and then own that work in full, and sell the rights to it as sees fit. Well, bloggers have never been accused of being astute businesspersons.
  • This big new feud between Wired and Glenn Greenwald is a trivial internet catfight, featuring lots of screeching, and I haven't read all the stuff, but Wired is probably wrong. Or, as Greenwald writes: "That's how these disputes often work by design: the party whose conduct is in question (here, Wired) attacks the critic in order to create the impression that it's all just some sort of screeching personality feud devoid of substance. That, in turn, causes some bystanders to cheer for whichever side they already like and boo the side they already dislike, as though it's some sort of entertaining wrestling match, while everyone else dismisses it all as some sort of trivial Internet catfight not worth sorting out."
  • Judith Miller is now writing for NewsMax. Haha. That is all.