Three men charged with planning a "Mumbai-style attack" on the offices of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten appeared in court today, and denied the charges against them. We hope they're telling the truth. This cartoon-inspired terrorism is past its expiration date.

Allegedly, according to Danish authorities, the men were planning to break into the newspaper's offices with weapons including a submachine gun, and try to kill as many people as possible before they were stopped. This was presumably in retaliation for the now-infamous Muhammad cartoons that the paper published—let's see here, let's just check on this—oh yes, more than five fucking years ago.

Find some new shit to be mad about, fundamentalist jerks. The world doesn't lack in outrages against Muslims.

The simple publication of some mediocre cartoons—a proud tradition among all respectable newspapers of the world—has resulted in an absolutely astounding amount of shameful behavior from politicians, the press, public institutions, and, of course, religious psychos. Newspapers are censoring themselves out of fear; bastions of higher education are cowering before imaginary threats from imaginary Muslim terrorists; artists are being physically attacked; other cartoonists have been forced into hiding; and people continue to try to kill the man who drew the original, most controversial Muhammad cartoon. No one's gotten to him yet, so of course others have decided to simply rush in and massacre everyone at the place where he doesn't work any more.

Hey everyone: they're fucking cartoons. Get over it. There are real live actual wars being waged in Muslim countries right now, and this is the best cause that fanatics can come up with? Get a life, guys. Get some perspective. Being a religious fundamentalist fanatic is a poor, misguided choice in life, but if you are going to be one, at least target causes that have some impact on the larger world. Try assuaging the suffering of the poor, stuff like that. You people still angry over this damn cartoon are the mirror image Ground Zero Mosque protesters.

Let's all do better things with our time.

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