George Clooney is financing the use of surveillance satellites to monitor violence in the Sudan in advance of an independence referendum there. He calls himself the "anti-genocide paparazzi."

As Fast Company points out, the idea isn't Clooney's: The United Nations has long used satellite imagery to keep track of violence on the ground and was planning on doing so in Sudan as the nation prepares for a January referendum on whether the southern Sudan should gain independence. But Clooney, who is partnering with Google, the U.N., and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, is paying for the satellite time, which means that the project will be unencumbered by the U.N.'s usual bureaucratic restrictions and free to spy on Sudanese troops full time. Clooney hopes the Big Brother routine will keep everyone on their best behavior.

"We want them to enjoy the level of celebrity attention that I usually get," he told Time. "If you know your actions are going to be covered, you tend to behave much differently than when you operate in a vacuum."

Which is exactly what Gawker Stalker was always about, George. We were only trying to help you put your best self forward. So why did you hate it so?