Starting in 2012 the FDNY will officially reinstate its shirtless beefcake calendar, but the money it raises won't go to charity as it did before. No, now proceeds will go to the cash-strapped fire department itself.

The fire department discontinued the annual calendar in 2008 when the world discovered that one of New York's finest (and we do mean finest) had also starred in a blue movie [NSFW, but totally worth getting fired for]. While there have been imitators since then (like the one above), the department will team up with non-profit FDNY Foundation to produce their Calendar of Heroes once more. It will be published next year. The estimated $300,000 that it will raise will be used to buy equipment for fire houses around the city. Reserve a copy for us now! We just want to help out our bravest citizens. We have no ulterior motive at all. Nope, not us.