Take a look at these two post-blizzard New York City streets, courtesy Brooklyn blog Sheepshead Bites—one impeccably plowed, the other, well, not so much. Can you guess which one Mayor Mike Bloomberg lives on?

Bloomberg has been his usual lovable self ever since the storm hit New York on Sunday. "The world has not come to an end," he told people."The city is going fine." Sheepshead Bites blogger Ned Berke, who lives on the unplowed street pictured above, does not agree, at all:

It must be pretty easy to urge patience when you're well taken care of. It must be pretty easy when every agency caters to your needs, paid for by our greenbacks. It must be pretty easy to shrug off our complaints, as if our contribution—in both taxes and the workforce—amount to nothing.

As of now we have no roads, no buses, no trains. Businesses remain shuttered. The sick don't make it to the hospital.

To his credit, Bloomberg later apologized for acting so callous, but not without a little lashing out:

Mr. Bloomberg said he shared the anger emanating from snowbound neighborhoods. But he also showed some irritation of his own, saying people's perceptions were based largely on whether their own streets were clear.

Yep. I'll bet they are.

Original photos:

[Sheepshead Bay]