There was a lot of music released in 2010! Obviously, none of it was as good as music was when you were in high school. But some of it came close! Here are 15 of our favorite songs of 2010.

"When Your Love Is Safe (Classixx Remix)" by Active Child
Listen to while: Asking Mindy Sadberry if she wants to dance the last dance at homecoming; dancing the last dance at homecoming with Mindy Sadberry; seeing if Mindy Sadberry will let you touch her butt during the last dance at homecoming.
Accompany with: Whatever you can steal from your parents' liquor cabinet, dime bag of shake.

"I Can't Wait" by Twin Shadow
Listen to while: Wondering about that guy you saw on the subway and if you maybe could have been together forever; wondering about that guy you saw at the bodega and there was maybe a spark; wondering sort of generally about guys, and girls, and stuff.
Accompany with: Angst, a journal

"Armada Latina" by Cypress Hill feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony
Listen to while: Throwing a party for your whole city; giving people money from a big fat wad of bills; trying to convince your dad that rap music is good by making him listen to the Crosby Stills and Nash sample.
Accompany with: Rum and coke, blunt, sleeveless shirts

"Get Munny" by Erykah Badu
Listen to while: Driving down the street of the future civilization of Funkopolis; flying over the future civilization of Funkopolis; getting high enough to come up with the idea of a future civilization called Funkopolis.
Accompany with: Second-hand smoke, a goofy smile, a sense of humor.

"No Sweat" by Gayngs
Listen to while: Coming down from your 18-hour coke binge; locking yourself in your room for a few days to think about art; not wearing clothes when you talk to your servants.
Accompany with: Vicodin, red wine, circles under your eyes

"Hood Pass Intact" - Dâm Funk featuring MC Eiht
Listen to while: Driving in Hollywood; driving in Compton; driving in Inglewood; driving in Beverly Hills; driving in Eagle Rock; driving in Highland Park; driving in Santa Monica; driving in East L.A.; driving in Long Beach.
Accompany with: Mixed drink in a plastic cup, blunt

"Hang With Me" by Robyn
Listen to while: Thinking about that friend; wondering if you maybe could have had a thing with that friend; thinking maybe that's why things got weirdly intense with that friend; seeing if you have that friend's number in your phone.
Accompany with: Vodka, ritalin, wistfulness

"Good Intentions Paving Company" by Joanna Newsom
Listen to while: Hitchhiking back to Humboldt County after your first semester at UC Santa Cruz; needing a break from Court & Spark.
Accompany with: Glass one-hitter, an open mind

"Yamaha" by The-Dream
Listen to while: Finding a girl at a bar; trying to pick up a girl at a bar; not giving up on trying to pick up that girl at the bar.
Accompany with: A weird intensity about hitting on girls

"The City Never Sleeps" by the Crystal Ark
Listen to while: Dancing in the moon pyramid while you wait for the end of the Mayan calendar; ascending to a higher plane of consciousness; just illing out with God.
Accompany with: Some powdered thing your cousin bought with an acronym you can't remember.

"Super High (Remix)" by Rick Ross featuring Curren$y and Wiz Khalifah
Listen to while: Watching your friends shotgun beers before you go out; pretending your Corolla is a limousine while driving your friends to the bar; being in a good mood even though you're the designated driver.
Accompany with: Dude.

"Soldier of Love" by Sade
Listen to while: If you're doing anything besides having sex while you listen to Sade, you're doing something wrong.
Accompany with: Red wine, crackling fire, bear rug.

"Baby Can't Stop" by Lindstrøm and Christabelle
Listen to while: Dancing; arguing with the bartender about how expensive the drinks are after dancing; dancing more.
Accompany with: Dance moves with your arms, dance moves with your legs, dance moves with your hips.

"Round and Round" by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Listen to while: Shoplifting from the 7-11; trying to score; lying around the pool afterward.
Accompany with: Heroin, sunglasses, whatever you shoplifted from the 7-11.

"Night Air" by Jamie Woon
Listen to while: Walking around alone at night; thinking serious-type thoughts; staring creepily at people from across the street.
Accompany with: A big overcoat, probably some kind of hat, ketamine.