Earlier this month, a train carrying watches, television sets and other luxury items for North Korea's heir apparent Kim Jong-un was derailed in what some speculate was an act of sabotage. No Desperate Housewives in HD for you, Little Kim!

According to a source close to Open Radio for North Korea, a train traveling from China into North Korea was derailed on December 11, putting security forces on alert for possible saboteurs. The source told the radio station:

The tracks and rail beds are so old it is possible there was decay in the wood or nails that secured the tracks could have been dislodged but the extent of damage to the tracks and the timing of the incident points to a chance that someone intentionally damaged the tracks.

It's highly likely that it was someone who is opposed to succession to Kim Jong Un."

Someone has undoubtedly paid for that one.

In other North Korea news, the non-proft radio station says that back in October, a copy of the book, Brightening the Times of the Principal Agent, which has a picture of Kim Jong-il on the cover, was "found immersed in feces" in the women's restroom at the Hyesan Art School in North Korea. A search for the stealth crapper is underway.

[Reuters; Image via AP]