Yoko Ono, in an interview with the Daily Mail, said for the millionth time that no, she didn't break up the Beatles. She also said John Lennon would "love" Facebook, Twitter and Lady Gaga. Oh, Yoko.

In a Q&A with the paper, Yoko reflects on her years with John, says she has no regrets about anything ever, and she offers up some educated guesses about how John would navigate life in today's world, at age 70. Here are just a few of her answers.

On the nasty rumors that she broke up the Beatles:

The Beatles were a group made up of four very complex men, and my small hand could not have broken these men up. They broke up because they had reached an end, but in doing so they all also created new wonderful beginnings."

Okay, fair enough.

On John and the internet:

He'd love the internet and Twitter. He'd be sending out pronouncements and messages and giving his opinion all the time on everything. He would be 70 years old, but he'd want to know everything that's going on. We share that curiosity and that energy. At 77, I can't stop."

Yes, you can stop, Yoko. And please do! Just picturing John Lennon typing LOL and OMG and #hairpeace on an iPad is too much to bear.

On John and Lady Gaga:

John would have loved her, because she's an artist, she's fearless and she pushes every limit, which we both always adored. She has played on John's white piano and I think that's wonderful. Life moves on and you embrace it."


[Image via AP]