According to weather reports, the blizzard that's dumped on the Southeast is headed our (New York's) way! There is a "Winter Storm Watch" in effect today for many parts of the Northeast! SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!?!?!?!? Let's get panicky, sweaty, ready.

A low pressure system meets a slow news day—a potent combination: "Hundreds of Christmas flights canceled as storm threatens East Coast," blares CNN. In New York, snow is expected to start at around noon and possibly dump 5-8 inches in Brooklyn by the end of the day Sunday; some places in New England could get as much as 10. White-out conditions around D.C.!

OK, so what we're going to do is chug the last of our eggnog and head over to the Red Cross to check out their Winter Storm Safety Checklist. Shouldn't be too hard to get ready for a winter storm, right? Wrong (click to enlarge):

Wait... is this actually a check-list for preparing to summit Mount Everest? I don't think I've done that many things in my entire life, much less to prepare for a single winter storm. Once this storm is passed, sanitation workers will be digging hundreds of New Yorkers out of snowdrifts, frozen, still clutching their Winter Storm Safety Checklist, caught in the storm as they rushed to buy a "multi-purpose tool" and winterize their vehicle.

We're all going to die. [Gothamist]