Hello folks! It is Christmas Eve and my Christmas gift to myself is that I'm not going to write a recap of last night's show. But here is a space at least to talk amongst yourselves about what happened.

This was mostly a recap episode anyway. The first half of it at least. Everyone talked about the crazy dinner party and everyone was upset and then it was time for charity and a 1920s party. Camille was snakelike and awful, Kyle and Mauricio dealt with business fallout (Camille texted Kyle and said "We're not doing business with your husband anymore," which I'm suuure she has say over, I'll bet Mauricio called up Kelsey soon after and was like "We cool?" and Kelsey was all "Yeah, we cool"), Camille was clearly trying to get Mauricio to like her at the 1920s party because she is awful, Kim Richards was so so so sad and making sandwiches and all desperate and tired and red-faced (my 70-something-year-old father watched the show with me last night and he immediately identified Kim as the sad crazy one), the Maloof was Maloofian as always and her husband wore this hilariously oversized cheapo costume suit for the 1920s party that made him look like an extra in some sort of Dick Tracy float at the 1990 Thanksgiving Day Parade, Vanderpump pumped her vanders and started getting mad at Cedric (who did ridiculous, uncomfortable drag that made me upset), and Taylor was heartbroken-but-smiling as ever, her horrible husband being horrible and vastly unlikable. Most dramatic of all, Kyle and Camille "made up" and became friends at Taylor's 1920s party, but as always they took it too far, they're stretching it too much, dancing and laughing together, and of course it will all crash down again. Just like in the real 1920s, everyone dancing and secret-drinking, laughing and clapping, terribly unaware of what 1929 would bring, what change and misery, what terrible dark things would end the party like a candle snuffed out.

OK, I have to go wrap presents and just not be working. Andy Cohen, why would you air an episode of this show on 12/23? Really making it hard on the recappers.

Have fun and merry Christmas! (Yeah, I said it. Deal with it.)