Every act of celebrity self-destruction has an equal but opposite act of fameball creation. O.J. gave us Kato Kaelin; Tiger's sex addiction unleashed an army of porn stars. And now, meet Miley Cyrus's bong-ripping foil: self-proclaimed spotlight seeker Rachael Moran.

Rachael is a singer/songwriter who was present at the party where Miley got high. She summoned her friends to the very room in Northridge where Miley's infamous bong-ripping video was made. They recreated the scene and Rachael turned it into the "Miley Cyrus Bong Song."

On her website, DemandSpotlight.com (which links to her MySpace page) Rachael identifies herself as a singer-songwriter and aspiring famous person. She sells T-shirts and has a viral self-promotion campaign that involves distributing cat masks on street corners.

DEMAND SPOTLIGHT is the biggest and brightest campaign to hit the streets of Los Angeles. I, Rachael Moran, am more than your average singer. In LA of all places people are here to fend for themselves.

SCREW THAT. It is my mission as a young artist (18 years old) to not only catapult myself into the spotlight, but to bring others up with me.

Kids today! So savvy with their fameballing. To that end, here is Rachel's "Miley Cyrus Bong Song Explained/Clarified" video, in which she namechecks Perez Hilton and smiles winningly into the camera while reciting PR bromides. This is her big break, after all.

Rachael Moran is the microfame monster of the information age hath wrought. Every scandal, microdrama, and news cycle hiccup must be leveraged to maximize fame! I can't decide if this is better or worse than Miley's Disney- and dad-manufactured stardom. I'm leaning toward "better," but would also accept "let's just nuke the entire county of Los Angeles."