Saying goodbye sucks, and 2010 was a sucky year. Here's a gallery of some of the people who died this year—from Elizabeth Edwards to J.D. Salinger to Alexander McQueen.

Elizabeth Edwards [Photo via AP]

Gary Coleman [Photo via AP]

John Forsythe [Photo via Getty]

Robert Byrd [Photo via AP]

Corey Haim [Photo via Getty]

Blake Edwards [Photo via AP]

Tom Bosley [Photo via AP]

Leslie Nielsen [Photo via Getty]

Alexander McQueen [Photo via AP]

Tony Curtis [Photo via AP]

Dino De Laurentiis [Photo via AP]

Dixie Carter [Photo via AP]

Peter Graves [Photo via AP]

Alexander Haig [Photo via AP]

Dennis Hopper [Photo via AP]

George Steinbrenner [Photo via AP]

Lena Horne [Photo via AP]

J.D. Salinger [Photo via AP]

Manute Bol [Photo via Getty]

Phil Harris [Photo via Getty]

Lynn Redgrave [Photo via Getty]

David Brown [Photo via AP]

John Murtha [Photo via AP]

Harvey Pekar [Photo via Getty]

Patricia Neal [Photo via AP]

Eric Rohmer [Photo via AP]

Ronnie James Dio [Photo via AP]

Greg Giraldo [Photo via Getty]

Ted Sorensen [Photo via AP]

Ted Stevens [Photo via AP]

Howard Zinn [Photo via AP]

Benjamin Hooks [Photo via Getty]

Stephen J. Cannell [Photo via Getty]

Casey Johnson [Photo via Getty]

Art Linkletter [Photo via AP]

Rich Cronin [Photo via Getty]

Dick Francis [Photo via AP]

Rue McClanahan [Photo via AP]

Harold Dow [Photo via Getty]

George Hickenlooper [Photo via Getty]

Elaine Kaufman [Photo via Getty]

Irvin Kershner [Photo via Getty]

Solomon Burke [Photo via Getty]

Jean Simmons [Photo via AP]

Bob Guccione [Photo via AP]

David Mills [Photo via Getty]

Richard Holbrooke [Photo via AP]

Alex Chilton [Photo via AP]