It's true: Julia Allison is dating John McCain's son Jack. And the dalliance will bring the internet famemonger long-lost levels of attention, despite protestations to the contrary. Her camera has certainly been busy.

Allison's relationship with Jack McCain is amply documented on the would-be lifecasting mogul's Facebook profile. Not only does Allison list herself as "in a relationship" with the son of the former Republican presidential candidate, but she's stocked her photo album with images of their winter romance, as well.

The pair have been spending time around Allison's hometown of Chicago since meeting on Meghan McCain's birthday, when Allison wrote, "Just when you think you've seen everything, you meet someone who blows you away." Earlier this week Allison's Facebook revealed "Julia is in a relationship," and then came pictures of outings with McCain, including Christmas tree shopping, a double date, and some time together in the kitchen.

If you're not among the 775 souls fortunate enough to be friends with Allison on Facebook, you can look over some of the pictures in the gallery below.

Allison tells us she met Jack McCain, a Navy helicopter pilot who's been a fire-breathing warrior type since prep school, through Jack's sister Meghan, a comrade in fameballing whose keyboard mashing for the Daily Beast and perilous claims of primo political expertise make her one of the few media monsters whose ratio of hubris to talent may well exceed Allison's own:

Meghan (his sister) introduced me to Jack and we hit it off immediately. He's one of the kindest people I've ever met.

Allison tells us that, despite being her own startup's flagship "lifecaster," she has no plans to blog about the relationship over at NonSociety. But she will be cataloging the romance on Facebook, which should help her convert the relationship (even if only inadvertently) into some buzz. Her large network of online pals includes many of the media types Allison was purportedly leaving behind when she fled New York this past summer.

[via Reblogging NonSociety]