After hearing about Jason Hope's "amazing, star-studded" $500,000 Christmas party, we declared him Party King of Scottsdale. But wait—isn't Dan Quayle's airhead sex blogger of a son from Scottsdale? Let's see what Ben's bros have to say.

Scottsdale can only have one king. Jason Hope's "White Out Ludachristmas" party raised eyebrows at The Dirty, the sleaze blog that once hosted Representative-elect Ben Quayle's "search for the 'hottest chick in Scottsdale'." There, the "Dirty Army" asked its leader, Nik Richie, about Jason Hope.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Jason Hope from AZ, everyone was wondering why at The W Hotel in Scottsdale on Saturday night there was celebs like Bruce Jenner, Snooki and girls from the Hills. Well they were in town because Jason Hope paid for everyone to come to his birthday party here in AZ. Douchebag Jason Hope Invited a bunch on D listers to his "birthday party" at his house in Scottsdale. Then, he stepped his game up and along came Ludacris. Good move. Long story short, dude dropped a few hundred thousand on guests… "buying friendship". Seemed weird.

BURN! Dirty demagogue Nik Richie issued his decree:

I have never heard of the guy. All I know is that Superman is fat now and paying for friends means you don't have any. That is why guys join fraternities.- nik

BURN! And all the king's horses and all the king's men came running to put Jason Hope's reputation together again. Your majesty! Response is required! Proceed immediately to the nearest of your ten vanity websites and write an angry blog post in response! No, seriously, do it. The holidays are slow on news and we could use a feud—the Iliad of Scottsdale. Jason Hope is Agamemnon and Snooki is Helen of Troy. "The spray tan that launched a thousand quips." She's a repeat Jason Hope partygoer.

In other news, Jason Hope owes at least some of his fortune to a sketchy mobile marketing company that automatically bills your cellphone for mysterious services that you can't get rid of until you text the word STOP back at them. Apparently STOP is the "safe word" of parasitic cellphone scams. [The Dirty, KXAN, images via Encore 24]


The Party King of Scottsdale's $500,000 Christmas Fete