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A conservative reporter from right-leaning CNS News thought he would play gotcha journalist and ask gay Congressman Barney Frank about gay and straight soldiers showering together. Big mistake. Huge. Barney totally eviscerates the guy and exposes him as a fool.

Now that "don't ask, don't tell" is as much as repealed, conservatives are going back to their silly old defense that gay men and straight men can't possibly be naked together without everyone being turned into pillars of salt and the moon exploding or something. The Distinguished Gentleman from Massachusetts, our favorite defender of the "radical homosexual agenda," immediately goes on the offensive and dismisses the question with mock horror and then says that gay men and straight men have already been showering together for years, including when "don't ask, don't tell" was in effect. Can we finally put this lame defense to rest for good now?

It really is amazing to watch the fearless and witty Frank completely dismantle an opponent. The only thing that's missing is him snapping his fingers and saying, "You got served!" Still good on CNS for putting this up on its website for the rest of us to enjoy. Since Barney's too classy to say it, we're gonna going to. You got served, Mary! [Towleroad]