Taiwanese restaurateur and chef Wang Cong-yuan sells what's generally agreed to be the world's most expensive bowl of noodles—a $324 beef dish that he says people order every day. What, exactly, goes into a $324 noodle bowl?

Probably, I don't know, really expensive jewelry? And, um, human flesh! And, like, pieces of the Mona Lisa! Unfortunately, we don't have the budget to go find out (I'm happy to tell you what goes inside a $1.29 styrofoam cup of noodles). But luckily for all of us, The Wall Street Journal does. Scene Asia blogger Amy Ma talked with Wang and found out the ingredients to his rich-people ramen:

  • Five four-inch squares of beef and beef tendon
  • Noodles
  • Broth

No, really! That's it! Of course, the beef is flown in from four different countries (the U.S., Japan, Australia, Brazil, and fucking Atlantis, just kidding, sort of), custom-cut for the best flavor, and slow-braised for three days; and the noodles, of which there are 20 varieties, are custom-made at a local factory according to an exclusive recipe; and the broth is—well, actually the broth is just broth.

So, there you have it: A $324 bowl of beef noodles. As publicity stunts go, you could do worse! For example, you could have a publicity stunt where there aren't even noodles to eat at the end.

[WSJ; stock photo via Shutterstock]