Discovered on the Metro North New York-Connecticut commuter line: The Christmas wish list of one brand-conscious lass, along with her presumed boyfriend's handwritten notes of confusion and horror. Updated with a new theory.

D.C. blogger Velvet in Dupont got the following wish list from her brother, who found it on the Metro North and saw fit to record this glorious document of craven materialism on the internet. Let's see what the going rate for a high-maintenance girlfriend is these days...

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Don't worry, she's OK with bargain-hunting, but only for books. Let's return to Velvet in Dupont for commentary:

I like how her poor, obviously long-suffering boyfriend, put a question mark next to bicycle and "whatever the newest Chanel makeup is (as long as I don't already have it.)" What is this guy supposed to do? Look through your makeup bag, take notes, and then go to the counter and say "Give me everything newer than this?" I also love that she misspelled Kerastase and he inserted the "S." He seems detail oriented.

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Conservatively, the entire list is worth $20,000 (not as bad as it sounded! No diamonds), depending how good a bargain the guy gets on those Dickens novels. Someday, archaeologists will uncover lists like this one, and be baffled. [Velvet in Dupont, image via Shutterstock]

Update: Commenters speculate that this list would also make sense as something a high maintenance daughter would give to her mother, in which case I'm pretty sure I knew this girl in college.