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The bible-thumpers of Repent Amarillo—the Texas group last seen failing to burn a Koran—have a new publicity stunt: shooting Santa's head off at a firing range. Don't you hate it when your enemies do something cool?

Because, though I hate Repent Amarillo, I also hate Santa Claus. Even as a child, the idea of a stranger who monitors my behavior and breaks into my home was creepier than it was charming, no matter how many gifts he brought. (Weren't we taught to say "no" to bad men who came offering candy?) So it is satisfying to see someone finally giving that close-talking belly full of pudding what he deserves.

But, sigh, why did it have to be Repent Amarillo? Why can't we all hate Santa Claus together, free of quasi-religious rationale—the group argues that Santa takes attention away from Jesus—and just because all childhood heroes ought to take an iconoclastic bullet to the face now and then? Otherwise the nostalgists win.

That said, Repent Amarillo is still pretty jerk-y, and you probably shouldn't let your kids watch the above clip. Guns are bad! [YouTube via Right Wing Watch]