The Post once again has spoken to a "recent inmate" at the prison where Bernie Madoff is serving life, this time with Bernie's reaction to his son's suicide, and that he's pissed off at Ruth for not visiting him.

According to the Post's "source," Bernie rolls with a crew (a "car" in his North Carolina prison) of fellow inmates who were tried and convicted in New York: "These are the guys he hangs out with, walks along an outside track with and plays boccie with." They were there for support when Bernie learned of Mark's suicide last weekend. When Bernie got the news, he looked "like someone had shot him in the stomach" and "no one was messing with him." How considerate!

But near the end of the article, we learn that there are some marital troubles brewing, too! "He's upset that his wife hasn't come down to see him because of [her] fears that the media is at the prison, and that she'll be harassed. He thinks the family is trying to avoid the media." Well, Ruth is right about the media in the prison, as the Post proves! This should serve as a lesson to everyone — you can run, but you cannot hide from the prying eyes and ears of the New York Post.

[Image via AP]