Today we looked at a trend of journalists taking money for asking questions, a sorry indication of the sorry state of journalism. This prompted one embittered journalist to rail against the state of modern media.

From rebeccarosewriter:

Anyone on here calling themselves a "journalist" or "reporter" who claims that they have no problem doing this needs to edit their comments...from "journalist" to "whore". Sorry, that's harsh, but I'm a piss poorly underpaid/underemployed reporter, and this makes me ILL. All of you complaining about making 20K need to shut up. I make the same, I have the same shitty, asshole bosses who treat me like a fungus, the same crappy working conditions. And I still think this is BULLSHIT. All these bullshit excuses about how crappy reporters get paid, and how they're at the bottom of the totem pole and blah blah blah...well you know what? Nobody ever told me that I was going to be a billionaire covering the fucking news, OK? My career counselor didn't show me pictures of Ferraris when I asked what a journalist's life was like. Dammit!

Do you think Woodward and Bernstein would take $500 from the RNC to get their opinion on how they could improve Nixon's image?

STOP SELLING OUT THE PROFESSION!! You are the reason why people think that the media is biased! You're the reason why no one trusts the news anymore, and why they have to turn to assclowns like Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe. Because you guys are giving the rest of us a bad name. You are why my friends roll their eyes in skepticism every time the media tries to break an important news story. You're why people react with doubt when the press tries to actually inform the public about something that needs to change. You're why. YOU ARE WHY.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go count the pennies in my ashtray in my shitty, 2-hubcap-missing-no-AC-having-Toyota Corolla to see if I have enough to spring for something off the dollar menu today. (Probably not.)