It's a bad idea to project random people's tweets, live and unfiltered, onto a giant screen at any event. But especially when that event is an EU summit, and one of the guests is sleazy Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

For some reason, the European Union decided to project any tweets with the hashtag #EUCO in the main hall at their summit in Brussels this week. But once Twitter users caught on they flooded the tweet wall with anti-Silvio Berlusconi vitriol. From the Telegraph:

"It was insulting. People were calling him a paedophile. The point was not to show insulting messages about Berlusconi. If anyone from theItalian delegation saw it, it would hurt their feelings."

The tweets appeared in huge letters on giant television screen in the summit press areas and in rooms used by passing diplomats and politicians.

"Berlusconi pays for sex, for votes, for mafia protection, for everything he can buy. What he cannot buy, will be stolen," sent tanzeron.

The wall was up for about two hours before officials took it down. Amazing! This act of extremely immature global solidarity is just the kind of thing the EU should be promoting.

[Image via AP]