The holiday movie season continues apace as we grow ever closer to the big year-end Christmas Day debuts. This Friday we have Reese Witherspoon figuring things out, Jeff Bridges stuck inside a computer, and Nicole Kidman feeling sad.

Casino Jack

Kevin Spacey stars in this comedy as disgraced lobbyist (is there any other kind, really?) Jack Abramoff. He wheels and deals and sorta steals and in the end, of course, he gets caught. (Limited release)

How Do You Know

James L. Brooks writes and directs his first comedy since 2004's poorly received Spanglish, this one about a fading softball player (Reese Witherspoon) trying to decide between a Washington Nationals cad (Owen Wilson) and a nice guy involved in some financial malfeasance (Paul Rudd). Reviews seem to indicate that there's not much beneath the film's fluffy surface layer. Which is too bad, because when Brooks is good, he's really good. (Wide release)

Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman stars in this play-based drama about a couple mourning the death of their young son. The play won rave reviews, praised as much for its surprising humor as its wrenching sadness, and the film seems to be faring nearly as well. Kidman can be a genius when she's working with the right people and material, and it should be interesting to see Aaron Eckhart in a rare vulnerable role. (Limited, opens wide Christmas)

TRON: Legacy

Everyone cries robot tears of the future in this sequel to the cult favorite from the 1980s. Jeff Bridges is stuck inside a computer, and his dreamy son Garret Hedlund goes in to find him. Lucky boy that he is, he also finds Olivia Wilde in a catsuit and gets to play a few games of light-frisbee and rolly-bikes. Beyond that, I have no idea what this movie is about. (Wide, duh)

Yogi Bear

This unholy plague of a movie brings the talents of Dan Akroyd and Justin Timberlake (and Anna Faris and Nate Corddry) to stupefying new lows. It's a live action/animation hybrid based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon show. He stills pic-a-nic baskets. That's all you really need to know. (Wide)