In your snippy Friday media column: Rick MacArthur has a thing or two to say about this "internet," the NYT's slo-mo exodus, The Daily gets a launch date, and Dave Price looks and writes like a nice guy.

  • Harper's Magazine publisher Rick MacArthur has written a bold editorial about how he doesn't like the internet. "Long before I took myself off Facebook, I doubted the 'revolutionary' potential of the Internet," he begins, modestly. He continues, bravely, with all the standard arguments about how the internet isn't all it's cracked up to be (which have been made one bazillion times already, but you probably wouldn't know that without a Google search), and then he winds up by revealing that the whole thing started when his magazine got in a tiff with Jay Rosen about not linking to Jay Rosen and no, he's still not going to link to Jay Rosen now, nyah nyah nyah. How do we put this... Rick, we encourage you to continue pursuing your dream of becoming a writer, but this just isn't Harper's material.
  • Five staffers, including several fairly prominent ones, have left the New York Times in the past ten days. Why? I'm going to posit the theory, "because other places will pay them better."
  • The Daily, News Corp's iPad newspaper that will change the world and/ or be a spectacular failure, is scheduled to launch on January 17. If you don't have an iPad yet, you have one month to get one before you become the "odd man out" at the office who hasn't read the day's edition of The Daily.
  • I tell ya, that Dave Price from The Early Show writes one gracious goodbye letter.

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