Three years later, Naomi Campbell is defending wearing this series of couture outfits to performer her court-ordered community service for hitting her housekeeper in the head with a Vajazzled cell phone. The explanation is even worse than the act.

While we will admit that her ensembles are pretty fierce (click the picture above to get a closer look), here's an awful excerpt from an interview she did with British fashion mag Grazia:

[Grazia]: But you wore couture every day, right?

[Naomi Campbell]: Yep! Why shouldn't I have done? Why should they expect me to go looking bedraggled or something?

G: When did you decide to dress like that?

N: I didn't, it wasn't planned at all. I decided on the day and I still gave them what they wanted, it didn't stop me from doing what I had to do though.

That's right, Naomi is just giving us what we want. She's a monster for our benefit. That's her real community service.

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