Our government's idiotic war on Wikileaks extends even to America's tiny presence in Antarctica. A memo sent to all Americans in Antarctica effectively censors Wikileaks material from the entire continent. Can't tip off the penguins about our secret plans!

The memo was sent out to the 1,500-or-so Americans currently living in Antarctica as part of the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). It reminds them that leaked Wikileaks documents are still technically classified, and "the transmission, processing, storage, and/or use of classified information with USAP information systems are prohibited." Given that the USAP is in charge of the United States' three Antarctic research bases and their communications networks, this amounts to a total Wikileaks blackout for all Americans in Antarctica, who are mostly scientists and support staff. Never mind that one geologist working with the USAP actually blogs for the New York Times, which has been publishing many of Wikileaks' leaked cables.

Maybe all government employees should just be sent to Antarctica until this whole Wikileaks thing blows over. It's the only way to protect America.

Here's the memo, via Big Dead Place:

[image via elisfanclub]