Yesterday, we introduced you to Facebook's new face-recognition feature. Today, hints emerge of yet another new feature called "memories". What is Facebook's "memories," and how will it help us embarrass ourselves on the Internet?

Memories was accidentally revealed today to a few Facebook users, then quickly yanked amid a 30 minute (!!!) outage. (See a screenshot via The Next Web above.) Hopefully, it's some kind of super-advanced filter that automatically applies a rose-tinted lens to your past, wiping out all ex-girlfriends and those pictures of you passed out on the floor of an ice-fishing hut wearing only a hot dog costume. (Don't ask.)

Realistically, it appears to be a feature that lets you see all of your Facebook activity for a given year via a timeline. Makes sense, now that some people have had Facebook accounts for as long as the Simpsons were good. (Seven years.): "Ah, yes... 2006 was a banner year. I liked so many funny YouTube videos and Huffington Post op-eds. Oh, here's one of my finest status updates; it's only gotten better with age, like a fine wine! Precious memories, each and every one."