Today at Gawker.TV, Brian Williams returns to Late Night to slow jam the news, the finale of Hells Kitchen, all hell breaks loose on Morning Joe, Seth Rogen on Mythbusters, and the Stiller Family plays a round of charades.

Brian Williams Returns to Late Night to "Slow Jam the News" Once Again
On last nights Fallon, Jimmy and Brian Williams teamed up to Slow Jam the News about the republicans blocking any legislation until the Bush Era tax cuts are passed. Is this the best "Slow Jammin'" in Late Night history?

Christmas Gifts Bring Out the Crazy on Morning Joe
When Morning Joe tossed the broadcast over to Erin Burnett for the unemployment report, they interrupted a Christmas celebration that involved a bra cut in half and used as a gas mask and a farting reindeer doll. Merry craziness, everyone.

Seth Rogen Helps Mythbusters Prove How Preposterous The Green Hornet Is
Mythbusters had a special to test some of the more outlandish stunts in Seth Rogen's upcoming Green Hornet picture. His appearance on the show turns out to be a big announcement: "dont' suspend your disbelief!".

Ben Stiller and His Parents Play Charades on Late Night
Who needs The Fockers when you can have The Stillers instead? Jimmy Fallon brought back charades last night, this time with the Stiller Family. It was Ben and Jimmy versus Jerry and Anne. Watch inside to find out who won!

On The Hell's Kitchen Finale, the Runner-Up Chef is a Really Whiny Sore Loser
In the most aggressive season to date, Nona and Russell battled through sabotage, near fistfights, and incompetent teammates to make it this far. However, when the winner is finally announced, the second place chef doesn't take it gracefully at all.