Here, finally, is a trailer for Terrence Malick's fifth film, The Tree of Life, a generations-spanning look at being alive and thinking about being alive. It looks predictably gorgeous, grandiose, and maybe slightly overbearing, just like all of Malick's movies.

What is it about, plot wise? Oh who the hell knows. There probably isn't much of a plot. It's likely mostly pretty pictures and lyrical voice-over, which is perfectly fine! Malick tends to succeed when working in his chosen borders, so let's just let him do his crazy thing. And let's let Brad Pitt and Sean Penn do their thing as well, because they are both interesting and capable actors with nice, gravelly voices that are pleasant to listen to in monologue form. This Jessica Chastain, this strangely and suddenly ubiquitous Jessica Chastain, has yet to prove herself, so this could be her opportunity. Who are you, highly employed Juilliard graduate? Maybe that's a question we will have answered in this philosophical art piece.