Indie film hut Miramax has partnered with its old owners, the Weinstein Brothers, with plans to produce sequels of Weinstein-era Miramax's hits from the '90s and early '00s, including Rounders, Bad Santa, and most improbably, Shakespeare in Love.

Yes, as in... Will meets another girl who acts as his muse and he writes... his problem plays? She's from Bermuda so he writes The Tempest? It's unclear how that one will go down. To be fair, the deal calls for sequels OR "spin-offs", meaning it could just be a movie set vaguely in the same Elizabethan world. Maybe they'll tell the tale of John Webster, introduced briefly as a rodent torturing youngster in John Madden's 1998 film?

Rounders and Bad Santa are more reasonable sequel candidates, though it's been so long for both movies that it's not like they have a ready-to-go built-in audience. Same goes for some of the other movies listed as possibles, like Copland, Swingers, and Shall We Dance, a 2004 Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez/Susan Sarandon dud that could only merit a sequel if it was called No We Shan't.