Today we wrote very serious things about Time magazine's boy genius Mark Zuckerberg and the barely literate FDNY entrance exam, and how did you respond? The only way you lovable perverts know how: with half-naked guy pictures.

Every day Richard Lawson combs through thousands of comments looking for something funny, erudite, or otherwise amazing. When he's out sick (feel better, boo!) and you're stuck with me finding the winner, well, you obviously get something, well, a little different. That's why today's commendation goes to commenter Cheney Guevara for the above Photoshopped photo of Mark Zuckerberg. The words are most irrelevant, but he said:

People are quick to judge, but there's a lot they don't know about Mark.

Yes, we certainly didn't know he was keeping those guns hidden under a formless gray hoodie. As if we didn't need a billion reasons to already want to marry Mark, now we have six more, and they are all (fictional) abdominal muscles.

Speaking of irrelevant words, commenter FlyMeToTheMoonies left us with this rather inspiring photo of some real live firemen. We don't care how stupid they are, they pass any test in my book! (S)He said:

From now on, can we only use this picture when discussing firemen?

I believe we shall. I believe we shall...