Remember that little "Gulf of Mexico oil spill" story from the summer? The government won't let it slide! The Justice Department has filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against BP and others, seeking removal costs and damages. Lots of it.

We're no legal eagles, but this sucker looks aggressive. The suit "asks that the companies be held liable without limitation under the Oil Pollution Act for all removal costs and damages caused by the oil spill, including damages to natural resources," and also "seeks civil penalties under the Clean Water Act." Sounds like there's a lot of money on the line! We're betting Big Oil has good lawyers, though.

Here are the other companies involved:

The other defendants in the case are Anadarko Exploration & Production LP and Anadarko Petroleum Corp.; MOEX Offshore 2007 LLC; Triton Asset Leasing GMBH; Transocean Holdings LLC and Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc. and Transocean Deepwater Inc.; and BP's insurer, QBE Underwriting Ltd./Lloyd's Syndicate 1036.

There's a severe lack of "Halliburton" on that list. Otherwise, sue away! Lawsuits are generally a better way to get global corporations to pay for things instead of simply asking them to.

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