The latest project to bank on your desire to see jokes about break dancing, shoulder pads, cocaine, and VHS videos is this 1988 romantic comedy Take Me Home Tonight. Can we please give this '80s nostalgia a rest?

Not satisfied completely working over the '70s, Topher Grace is now a child of the '80s who lies about his job to impress a pretty girl and has one wild night to remake his entire life.

Now, why on earth has this been set in the '80s? Isn't this standard formula pretty much applicable to any time period? That means the skinny ties, Rubix's cubes, and retro soundtrack is nothing but annoying affectation. Hot Tub Time Machine already skillfully inverted the '80s movies tropes an an interesting way, where this thing just seems to wallow in them like a pig in so much shit. That's because this movie is probably incredibly lame (and the most recent waste of the considerable comedic talents of Miss Anna Faris) and the only way they think they can get us to see it is by marketing the decade of so many people's youth and say, "Come on, it will be just as fun as when you were 19! You'll know all the words to the songs! It will be like your class reunion except everyone is thin and no one has been to rehab!" Why not just set this in modern times and try to come up with something new? Hmm? Especially because everyone who's really hip knows that '90s nostalgia is what's really fashionable these days.