When one of his female customers seemed "stressed out," a Wisconsin mailman decided he would cheer her up. So he took off all his clothes and performed her delivery completely naked. Then he was arrested.

In today's installment of When Pornos Come to Life, They Are Never As Sexy, a 52-year-old mailman is arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior for a special naked mail delivery. Quoth the Whitefish Bay Now News:

The man said he told an employee in that office that he was going to come back naked to deliver mail because she seemed "stressed out" and he wanted to cheer her up and "make her laugh."

He said at that time she dared him to do it.

The employee denied "daring him or encouraging him" in any way but she also said she didn't think he intended to harm her.

The naked mailman has since apologized and admitted that naked mail delivery is pretty stupid. Feel free to write your own "package" joke in the comments. [WhitefishBayNOW, CBS-MN via @Rosa, image via Wikipedia]