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Playboy TV, the fuzzy obsession of every teenage male, is trying to rebrand and find new audiences with programming that will appeal to couples. Their newest reality show Brooklyn Kind of Love is just as befuddling as you'd imagine.

You'd figure such a show would be about either Park Slope mommies trying to rekindle relations with their bored spouses or Greenpoint hipsters who can't get their skinny jeans off fast enough to fuck. Sadly, this reality show about the real sex lives of the people in the outer borough is neither.

From the trailer, it looks like it's about four couples (including one girl-on-girl pairing, natch) whose only problem is that the women just want to fuck all the time and it's wearing the men down. Yes, that's the Brooklyn that all of us know, the one that's teeming with hysterically horny ladies, over-sexed but disgruntled gentlemen, and nothing to do but bump uglies all the time. Way to keep it real, Playboy.