Angry Birds! Have you heard about the Angry Birds? You have, haven't you?

  • "Angry Birds, a hit game by Rovio, a small Finnish company, is one of the unlikeliest pop-culture crazes of the year - and perhaps the first to make the leap from cellphone screens to the mainstream."
  • "What do actor Jon Hamm, writer Salman Rushdie, and British Prime Minster David Cameron have in common? They are all fans of the mobile game Angry Birds."
  • "Angry Birds HD for iPad has finally filled my life with the wrath I've long aspired to. Or no, it's maybe a little more complicated than that."
  • "Even those who don't have an iPad or touch-screen phone have likely noticed the Angry Birds infestation by peering over the shoulder of an entranced subway rider or handing out candy on Halloween to a toddler decked out as a curiously irritated avian creature."
  • "Players' infatuation with games like Angry Birds can end as quickly as it starts, often when the novelty of a game's features wears off."

Future articles about Angry Birds as a video game franchise and/ or business: okay, fine.

Future articles about Angry Birds as pop culture phenomenon and/ or space-filler in a writer's tortured, empty soul: unnecessary. We get the idea.