Hugh Jackman, the world's most famous living Australian, was injured today while taping the second of Oprah Winfrey's four shows from Syndey. He tried to zip line from the top of the Sydney Oprah House and crashed instead.

Oprah hosted Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Olivia Newton-John, and Bono (who isn't an Aussie but played one on TV) on the stage outside the Opera House, but all of them walked out on stage like normal people and were fine. When it was Jackman's turn to sit next to the Queen of Daytime, he zip-lined from the top of the Opera House, caught his foot on a light, twisted around in the air a bit, and ended up scratching his right eye.

The taping had to stop so he could be treated, but the show eventually went on with Jackman joking about the incident and drinking a glass of wine with Ms. Winfrey. We have a feeling this is somehow a repayment for him making that horrible Australia movie. It's fine if he loses an eye anyway. As long as he still has those abs, we're sure he'll have plenty of career opportunities.

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