What's worse than being a bouncer? Being a volunteer bouncer! Like 23-year-old Nathan Landis, who, while keeping a vigilant watch over his favorite watering hole, saw another man wearing his hat backwards and zapped him repeatedly with a stun gun.

It's hard to imagine a more pathetic existence than lurking around a bar as unofficial, self-appointed security, even after repeated requests from said bar to cut the shit. But that's what Landis apparently did regularly at Antique Billiards in Colorado Springs. Or, at least until he pulled this move:

Officers say that one man entered the bar wearing his hat backwards and was asked by another customer to turn the hat around.

After refusing to turn the hat around, the man started to leave, that is when police say 23-year-old Nathan Landis grabbed the victim by the hat and pushed him.

According to police, a fight ensued and Landis stunned the victim several times with a stun gun, including multiple times after the victim was immobilized.

Officers learned that the suspect considers himself the bar security guard and has been told several times to stop his behavior.

Landis was arrested and is being charged with illegal use of a stun gun, which also happens to be a felony. GOOD.

[Colorado Springs Gazette; Image via Shutterstock.com]