Today we talked about how to keep Walmart out of New York. People love to talk about Walmart! And fight about Walmart, too, like this warring pair right here.

From DeadlyForceInstructor:


Yeah, I love paying higher prices for all kinds of stuff. I mean, I'd much rather give my money to those who build in higher profit margins to what I buy than save it for myself to help me buy other stuff.

I want to go to Mom n' Pop stores where the selection is so crappy that I have to wind up visiting more than one M&P shop to get the stuff I need or want, and I'm happy to waste the time and gasoline to do it!

From LehemSteel:

@DeadlyForceInstructor: I love filling our local landfills with tons of plastic Chinese products from WalMart that last a year or two. And then I want to return to WalMart to buy replacements. Then I love going back to the dump. I love to consume for sport because prices are just so low. And I'm happy renting storage facilities for all of my shit. And I love watching Storage Wars and Hoarding. And when I die, I'm going to get a WalMart coffin made of brass and velvet and shit, and it's going in a concrete-lined vault — deep in the ground so that I'll be safe from the elements. Because it's really all about ME. Isn't it?

That's a pretty good response! Though, what do I know? I don't shop at Walmart. I mean, the only people who shop at Walmart are p—

Oh, never mind.

[Photo via chasingfun. And thanks to all of our commenters for being so patient with us while we put the world back together.]