Here's a trailer for Thor, the latest addition to Marvel's growing Avengers lineup (which will soon be a movie all its own). Star Trek spacefox Chris Hemsworth (Miley's bf's brother!!!) plays the mythical Norseman stuck in the human world.

This is certainly one of the canon's sillier superheroes, what with all the Valhalla bombast and whatnot, but they seem to have taken a mostly serious approach here. And by "they" I mostly mean director Kenneth Brannagh. Yes, the Kenneth Brannagh somehow got tied up in this whole mess, as did actress of the moment Natalie Portman. (And Anthony Hopkins and Stellan Skarsgård, who I don't think has ever said no to a movie offer ever.) Maybe all this hooey will actually turn out to be interesting on screen, but as it stands now? This will be the dumbest of the Marvel movies until Captain America comes out and Chris Evans releases his cheez whiz all over everyone. (I realize I've opened a door with that metaphor. If you're inclined to walk through it in the comments, I can't stop you.)