Discussion of Julian Assange's sex life of late has focused on the rape and sexual molestation charges filed against him by two Swedish women. But he was once a nerdy Australian posting on OKCupid under the pseudonym "Harry Harrison".

That is, if this profile is to be believed. It certainly demonstrates the self-mythologizing Assange prefers, casting himself as an enigmatic, globe-trotting nerdy sex god. The first thing most people notice about him is that he is "often carrying mystery brown paper packages tied up with strings." And he boasts that he is currently "directing a consuming, dangerous human rights project which is, as you might expect, male dominated." The last log in on the account was December. 2006, the same month Assange launched Wikileaks with a handful of volunteers. It seems unlikely that someone would have faked the relatively-unknown Assange's profile before Wikileaks had even gotten off the ground.

Anyway, take a look. Did you know Julian Assange has "Asian teengirl stalkers?" (What is it with nerds and Asian girls?) One line proves oddly prophetic, if you consider Assange's recent alleged predatory behavior: "I am DANGER, ACHTUNG, and ??????????????!"

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And here's a collection of his glamor shots from the profile: