Miley Cyrus may get salvia banned. Michael Jackson's autopsy is not something we'd want to see. Michael Lohan gets botox but forgets child payments. Nicole Richie's getting married. Saturday gossip roundup can't move its face.

  • The bong rip heard 'round the world: Miley Cyrus' salvia-smoking bong rip has reignited a campaign to ban the still-legal herbal substance. Says former California State Assemblyman Anthony Adams "You do incredibly crazy things… Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior." Um, maybe in 2007 they were. The only people paying attention to what Miley Cyrus does now are gossip bloggers and creepy 45-year-old men, all of whom, sad to say, have bigger problems than salvia. [TMZ]
  • Wanna buy the the pictures from Nicole Richie and Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden's wedding? Too late. The elaborate wedding is today, at Lionel Richie's huge mansion, and the couple has already negotiated a $100,000 deal with one of the tabloids. Seems high—maybe they were hoping to catch a picture of Paris Hilton drunkenly falling into the cake in the background. [P6]
  • Fans of Michael Jackson are rallying together to decry the British Discovery Channel show Michael Jackson's Autopsy because it's "an affront to human dignity." The documentary recreates MJ's autopsy in detail. Yeesh, this is almost as bad as the TLC series Prince's Colonoscopy. Seriously, everyone knows the only autopsies that are cool are alien autopsies. Is Discovery saying Michael Jackson is an alien? [TMZ]
  • Oprah Winfrey gave $40 million to charity in 2009, making her the most charitable celebrity. [People]
  • The Lohans are fighting again. Dina Lohan is very angry that Michael Lohan paid child support to his illegitimate kid and got botox, but is allegedly $30,000 behind on his child support payments to her. So she's trying to get a judge to threaten him with prison unless he pays up. "When I heard that he was paying for this child in Montana, I just had to fight for my kids." [P6]
  • Brad and Angelina's seven-year-old son Pax Jolie-Pitt wore a pair of $100 Tom & Drew Jeans. [Radar]
  • Anna Faris once accidentally sent her dad a sexy text meant for her husband. [People]
  • David Hasselhoff's reality show The Hasselhoffs has been cancelled after just two episode. Guess nobody wanted to watch the Hoff and his daughters hang out with each other and talk about other reality TV shows. (Which is what we imagine goes on in that house, who knows—we didn't watch it just like you.) [People]
  • Everyone's favorite new celebrity couple, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted driving around Los Angeles after some time apart promoting their respective projects. Crazy! [Daily Mail]