A full-blown panic over emo music has taken hold of the Armenian capital of Yerevan, after a 15-year-old "emo" kid committed suicide. The Chief of Police warns that kids being into emo music will somehow produce a generation of mutants.

Here's how Eurasianet describes the reaction of the Armenian Chief of Police:

No law prohibits people from being emos, but police have left little doubt that their tolerance for emo fans is in short supply. In a December 6 interview with the newspaper Hraparak, Armenian Chief of Police Alik Sargsian commented that "emos are dangerous" and can "distort our gene pool."

"I do not like emos, in fact. I absolutely don't like them. I do not understand or accept them," said Sargsian.

Some Armenian scientist should probably do a study where they expose rats to three Fallout Boy EPs a day and see what happens.

[Via gourev, Image via Shutterstock]