You totally think your job sucks, right? Well, you only have it really bad if you're employed in one of these 10 fields, since these are the jobs most likely to have caused a major depression in the last year.

Health magazine did the study and narrowed down the list of most harrowing professions. (Twelve percent of unemployed people also reported having a major depressive episode in the last year, which is surprisingly low because, well, being unemployed kinda sucks.) Here's the list of people with the saddest jobs:

  • Nursing Home and Child Care Workers: Yes, it sucks to be around death all the time and also annoying sick kids and their horrible parents.
  • Food Service Worker: Spend all day being cussed at by customers and go home smelling like onions? No thanks.
  • Social Worker: Maybe if they spent some more time focusing on their problems rather than everyone else's. God, get selfish!
  • Health-care Worker: They see dead people.
  • Artists, Entertainers, Writers: Exhibit A.
  • Teachers: Just like I always said, dealing with kids makes you depressed.
  • Administrative Staff Support: "I don't know what happened. I told Julia she couldn't go to her birthday party because she had to wait here for a very important fax and she just burst into tears."
  • Maintenance and Grounds Workers: That's such bullshit. My gardener is always saying, "Good morning, Mr. Moylan. Great day, Mr. Moylan. Good to see you, Mr. Moylan." He couldn't be happier!
  • Financial Advisers and Accountants: Yeah, that shit is grim.
  • Salespeople: They're paid to lie to other people to get them to buy shit they don't need. I wouldn't feel depressed, I'd feel superior.

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