Watch out, England and Israel: It appears as though our most notorious American grifter, Sarah Palin, is heading your way in the new year. At the very least, lock up your good jewelry.

The Daily Beast reports that Palin is launching her first "real foreign trip" to America's top two foreign allies, Israel and England.

Israel makes sense, since the Netanyahu government doesn't appreciate any of the gentle rebukes or modest requests that Barack Obama makes of them from time to time and would gladly help the much more accommodating snowbilly grifter defeat him in 2012.

And in England, maybe she'll get that meeting with ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that Team Palin requested months ago. Thatcher is suffering from terrible dementia — the perfect target for grift. Getting a photo op should be no problem.

But would she snub current conversative prime minister David Cameron? Because earlier this year he did, after all, call her stupid in a Vanity Fair profile:

"It's hard for us to understand, if I can put it that way," says Cameron, straining for understatement, about the Palin phenomenon, as we chat in his Parliament offices shortly after the New Year.

Sorry, David Cameron. You will not be invited to Sarah Palin's huntin' trip at Kensington Palace. Neither will the Queen, who lives there. They'll just hop a fence.

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