Those Columbia frat boys arrested for allegedly running a massive campus drug ring have hit on a brilliant defense: They had to deal LSD and coke to pay their tuition. It was all for the love of learning!

The five guys were busted after authorities say they sold $11,000 worth of drugs to undercover agents. Now, no less than two of the 20-year-old Ivy League drug lords have used the "college is expensive" defense. From the New York Times:

Detectives said two of the students, Christopher Coles and Harrison David, both 20, said after their arrest that they began selling drugs to raise money for tuition.

"Why do you think I have to do this?" Mr. David said, according to court papers. Then, referring to his father, he added: "He won't pay my tuition."

These kids really love school! It's a good thing cops caught them during their undergraduate studies—who knows what they'd do for a Masters in Public Policy.

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