Today saw the arrest of five Columbia frat boys accused of selling every drug a co-ed could ever need. We located three on Facebook earlier today. Here's the fourth: Stephan Vincenzo, "campus character," Reggaeton singer, thrower of "sick" parties.

As part of the NYPD's dramatically named and much bally-hooed "Operation: Ivy League," undercover cops apparently purchased $11,000 of LSD, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs from the five guys, ages 20-22. The cops also nabbed the students' suppliers, one of whom was apparently plotting the kidnap and murder-by-forcible-LSD-overdose of two associates. (Which make it that much scarier—and more interesting!—than your average campus drug bust.)

Identified by the NYPD as Jose Stephan Perez, the man who calls himself Stephan Vincenzo is a Political Science major so gregarious that he made himself into a campus celebrity. (His new name is "an homage" to Al Capone's brother James Vincenzo Capone.) As an incoming freshman, Stephan took to Facebook to plan the class of 2012's first rager, which he decided should be in his room:

Stephan's preemptive ebullience drew the teasing attention of Bwog, the blog of campus magazine the Blue & White. So our party-hearty hero rescheduled the event: "Why go 2 a small dorm party, or a frat. party, when you can go to the biggest Party in the city?" He added that "da sickest party" would include an "Open bar!!! srry no alcohol"

Later, the Blue & White profiled Stephan:

According to Vincenzo, his cerebral tendencies made him something of an anomaly in his hometown of Atlanta. "A lot of my friends got involved heavily with drugs, a lot of my friends dropped out of school, ended up in jail, ended up in gangs."

Everyone we spoke to agreed that Stephan is a "character," but a nice one. He's outgoing, remembers everyone's names, and boasts 3568 friends on Facebook. In the words of a tipster:

He is a Gates Millennium Scholar [Ed: a program "for minority students with significant economic need"], and a PoliSci student. He sort of seemed like that gregarious person that everyone just knows who he is, at least. He was always very well dressed; that's one of the main of the reasons he was so conspicuous on campus, besides just being a really friendly and outgoing kind of guy.

On his MySpace page ("mood: confident") Stephan posted ab-revealing model shoots and his own Reggaeton music. He wields beer, sucks on a hookah, and makes love to the camera.

In our last post on them, we determined that Harrison David was "The Sexy One" of the Frat Boy Drug Ring Boy Band. Stephan Vincenzo is "The Party Boy." In the Frat Boy Drug Ring Sitcom, he has a lot of wacky one-liners.

None of the frat boys have returned our requests for comment, but we're all ears if anyone wants to drop us a line.


The Great Columbia Frat Boy Drug Dealing Ring