Today at Gawker.TV, Katie Couric recalls a blind date with Bob Saget, The Vice Guide To Everything premiere takes us to North Korea, an interview with Charlie Day, the Mermaid Theory, and Ricky Gervais tattles on Conan O'Brien with RickyLeaks.

Ricky Gervais Leaks Top-Secret Conan Information in RickyLeaks
Forget Wikileaks, we prefer the RickyLeaks that aired on last night's Conan. Ricky Gervais interrupted the monologue with "leaked" tidbits about Conan O'Brien's life—including that he wears a Conan mask when making love to his wife.

The Vice Guide To Everything: Your New Favorite Travel Show Sneaks into North Korea
The Vice Guide To Everything premiered last night on MTV, documenting absurd cultural niches everywhere from Detroit to Yemen. Watch the Arirang Games in North Korea—150,000 kids performing a freaked out pantomime for a select few.

How I Met Your Mother's Mermaid Theory
Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone that you once found completely repulsive? How I Met Your Mother can explain—it's called "The Mermaid Theory." Inside, Barney explains the history and Marshall narrowly avoids the issue with Robin.

Katie Couric Recalls an Awkward Blind Date With Bob Saget
Last night on Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson, Katie Couric confessed that she had gone on a blind date with Bob Saget. Katie said there was no "magic." She did have some (sort of) kind words for Bob.

Charlie Day on Danny Devito, Green Man, and Kitten Mittens
Last night on Conan, Charlie Day talked about the writing process behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a fake script (about Frank being repeatedly raped in prison) they sent to Danny Devito on April Fool's Day.