On the No Reservations Holiday special, Anthony Bourdain introduced us to the man he gets his meat from—and cut to a gratuitous 3-minute long clip of animal parts and raw meat everywhere. Yum! Featuring special guest Marky Ramone!?

"People always talk about Santa and his workshop but I'd like to tell you about another work shop... There's no candy canes in this workshop, no elf droppings either—just the makings of pure, protein-packed deliciousness." He then goes on to liken it to the North Pole. So is the point here that there's nothing quite like raw meat for the holidays?

[There was a video here]

The gratuitous shots of raw meat were not filmed in vain because at the end of the episode, the dudes all sat down for their delicious meal. Here's the dude-fest table of friends talking over dinner (and why yes, that is Marky Ramone.)