Before disliked Charlie St. Cloud author Ben Sherwood became the new head of ABC News, he was executive producer of Good Morning America. Resentment of Sherwood still lingers from those days: people are forwarding us his email fuckups from 2004.

Twas the night before Christmas, in 2004
Ben Sherwood was planning a message, and more
A holiday email to all of his staff
Just corporate tradition, not fancy, no laughs.

When all of a sudden, Ben Sherwood pressed 'send'
And management, staffers, and all his work friends
Received not one email, but a chain; if he'd read it
He'd have seen he sent everyone all his damn edits.

[Note: This is what everyone received, in order; the final draft at the top, followed by earlier drafts and a supportive pep talk from his wife. Click to enlarge.]

[Photo via ABC]