First there was Steven Slater, the flight attendant who used an inflatable slide for his job walk-off. Now, the Steven Slater of dogs: a 12-pound Manchester terrier named Mandy who escaped her cage mid-air and went on a biting rampage.

Mandy was on a U.S. Airways flight from Phoenix to Newark when her sedatives wore off. Her owner's seatmate tried to soothe her, causing Mandy to fly into a rage: She broke free of her cage, bit the strange soothsayer, then raced up and down the aisle, eventually biting a flight attendant, causing the pilot to take an emergency landing in Pittsburgh "in the interest of safety."

That's nothing. I once rode an airplane with a class of adolescent boys who went on penis-punching rampage. Since they punched only one another, however, the flight carried on with only one warning from the pilot and a lot of passive-aggressive sighing from onlookers. If only you could stow children in little cases underneath the seat in front of you. [NYP, Image of non-violent Manchester terrier via dodsports' Flickr]


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